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February 26, 2006

Bicycle "Culture"


"...Brooklyn Industries recently started displaying custom tall bikes in their store windows. the bikes are coupled with t-shirts depicting bicycle gears and biking slogans. they are made by one man who apparently collaborated with Brooklyn Industries to put the bikes in their stores throughout nyc. and they are also donating $2 from the sale of their large and medium messenger bags to Recycle-A-Bicycle. However, there has been some dissent about the blatant commercialization of this particular (and rather anti-commercial) subculture."

The post above details the vandalism of Brooklyn Industries' property as the result of their cycling related window displays. They are promoting cycling... good for them if they are benefiting from it!

As a cyclist, and someone who promotes the use of alternative forms of transportation on any and every level, I am angry about what some of these radical cycling "activists" (I think they are self-centered morons) are doing to the cycling cause.

Complaining about commercialization, boycotting it, or even campaigning against it is one thing, but defacing someone else's property is another thing entirely. You don't like capitalism? Show me another country where you would rather be, and I'll pay for your ticket. Do you think these vandal/taggers ride bikes made entirely of components produced by their own two hands? Give me a break! You people make me sick.

A disapproving tip of the hat to SUCKA PANTS for this story.

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Posted by capecodcyclist at February 26, 2006 08:06 AM


So, what's the difference between these window etchers and the embassy-burning hooligans offended by cartoon depictions of Mohammed?

Posted by: Fritz at February 27, 2006 05:20 PM

go back and read the post again. it's not about bicycle culture as a whole, it's not against the sale of bike t-shirts, it's about the commodification of tall bikes specifically. tall bikes are handbuilt and very personal. they are not just another set of wheels you pick up off of ebay. that is the reason there was such a strong reaction. i'm not condoning the vandalism, or agreeing it was a wise course of action. i actually feel bad for Brooklyn Industries. i also don't think it is necessary for people to agree with me, or the vandals. but i DO think it is important for people to understand why what happened did. that's why i put up the post in the first place. it is more an issue of artists defending their work than anything else.

by the way, there are some interesting workshops where you can learn to build a bicycle from scratch. no pre-made parts. you cut, weld, bend, and fabricate all the components from raw materials. let me know if you want to look into it.

Posted by: Sucka at March 7, 2006 09:35 PM

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